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HikaShop eCommerce System Featured

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HikaShop is a relatively new eCommerce system for Joomla. The benefits of using HikaShop include the fact that it is totally compatible with the very latest version of Joomla, namely Joomla 3.2. It also offers many fully integrated extras such as a wish list and affiliate system.

We have started focusing more and more on creating HikaShop-based eCommerce websites because of the system's exciting and completely integrated functionality. With many eCommerce systems, you can add features such as a wish list or affiliate program but they are basically "hacked" into place. When you need to upgrade your system later, the upgrade becomes very complex and the two systems can start to clash. The upgrade is often left as it is too much of a problem. This then leads to security issues.

With HikaShop, all the important value-added functions are built right into the system. Upgrades are therefore a breeze and your site remains secure. Some of the most sought after features of HikaShop include:

Powerful charts and reporting

The HikaShop charting and reports system makes it possible for you to design your own reports/dashboard page. You can decide what information to display and how to display it.

Hikashop enables you to generate reports based on your shop data. Through graphs, tables, pie charts and many other charts, you will be able to visualize your shop information such as the number of sales this month, the best product sold this year or the evolution of your sales during the 10 last days. The flexibility of this report tool will allow you to create reports fitting your specific needs.

Responsive Design

Responsive design makes it possible for you to make your website available in a totally adaptable format across all internet devices.

As you can see from the image to the right, the same website displays differently across the three devices. The website does not simply shrink to fit on a smaller screen; it actually morphs to display optimally on each specific device.

With the incredible growth in the tablet-based eCommerce market, it is becoming more and more important for your website to be totally responsive.

Marketing and social media tools

In today's internet environment, there are many excellent opportunities to market your products and, more importantly, to have your customers market your products for you. HikaShop includes several social media integrations such as Facebook and Twitter.

Voucher codes can be used to offer gift vouchers or discounts; an affiliate marketing system makes it possible to turn your fans and clients into a direct selling team with the incentive to earn a percentage of each sale that they create.

Product discounts can be scheduled to run for specific periods and can be displayed on the product pages to attract attention to the offers. HikaShop also allows you to create several customer groups. Each group can have its own prices so you could have, for example, standard retail clients as well as wholesale clients.

A comprehensive HikaShop features list


Create Products
Efficient Product Management
Several categories possible for a product
Inventory handling
Several images possible for a product
Badges display on specific products
Downloadable files for products
Related products
Products variants
Products options
Product files
Custom fields for products
Manufacturer's support
Limit product sales by period with various restrictions
Waiting list to which users can subsribe for out of stock products
Carousel and sliding/fading effects on products listings
Comparison system for products
Use filters on products listings


Product prices in several currencies
Manage tax rules
Prices auto calculated based on currency rates
Currency rates auto update


No limit on the number of orders
Manage orders efficiently
History of orders modifications
Invoices display & print
Totally customizable checkout process
Wishlist management for each customer
Guest checkout


Manual shipping methods management
Payment plugins
Alpha User Points
Geolocation plugin
Open to any other HikaShop Plugins


Custom fields for addresses, user and order information
Easily customize your HikaShop emails
Integration with AcyMailing for marketing campaigns
Integration with Google Products
Discounts and coupons
Restrictions on discounts and coupons
Affiliate program


Powerful dashboard
Highly customizable Reports tool including multiple graphics
Gauge and pie chart on sales
Heat map of sales per country
Tracking of affiliates clicks/leads/sales
Tracking of sales with Google Analytics


Joomla MVC Model
No advertisement in emails
PowerFul SEO included in order to improve your visibility on search engines
RSS and Atom feeds support on categories and products listings
Social networks support (Twitter and FaceBook)
Integrated multilingual content edition (with Falang/JoomFish)