is an online community with two major focus areas:

  1. To encourage people towards a healthier lifestyle through regular skipping
  2. To help fund children's charities through membership fees was developed as a way for a local dive school to exploit a major part of the new diver market in South Africa. The website was designed to attract good search engine results from a wide variety of search terms. We have succeeded by achieving top three Google results for all of the following search terms:

HikaShop is a relatively new and very exciting eCommerce/Shopping Cart system. HikaShop helps website owners to manage all aspects of their online store. You can easily add new products and categories; upload product photos; manage stock levels and view and manage product orders. HikaShop was created to promote this exciting system in South Africa.

The Just Solar website is a very new website created for a solar products distributor. The website has been developed to take advantage of the many marketing options only available to online businesses. These include affiliate marketing and a wish list.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Visability created several years ago and it quickly grew to become South Africa's largest online Apple store. Macnificent uses Joomla as its content management system and VirtueMart manages the online store. Macnificent has become incredibly successful through its commitment to excellent customer service and the stability and functionality of their VirtueMart website.

The owners of came to us with an interesting situation. The SoundMic website was originally created using Joomla 1.5 and they were not happy with the website design. Not only did we need to upgrade the site to a Joomla 3 platform, but, in the process, we also needed to upgrade several other Joomla components. The upgrade resulted in significant improvements in security, design and functionality. was created to provide the travel industry with a convenient portal to find reputable companies operating in Africa but with a specific focus on southern Africa. The website makes use of Joomla to automate the process of building the well-structured website directory.